Are there Seasons of Agility?

Is it time to scrutinize our practices? Can we admit that we’ve done a great job at keeping things safe and predictable, but a lousy job at keeping things nimble? Do we profess incremental evolution, yet cling to complexity and rules? We think there are seasons of agility. We expect what got us here won’t bring us to our next pinnacle.

We are often attached to our own sense of being right. So much so that we can’t see our own mistakes. Maturity – personal and professional – insists that we see ourselves as we are. We’ve got it right when we can laugh at our folly and move on. Can we remove injury from introspection, and let the best idea win?

That’s our focus this month. It’s not enough to ask if renewal is a good practice. Let’s explore how we use it to improve how we serve.

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On behalf of Lori, Chris H, and Laurens, thank you for reading.

Chris Williams